Story Submission by Max, Age 19

I struggled with depression when I was 17. Things seemed pretty bleak! I was stuck in a rut, I felt alone and like my life was going nowhere. More than a couple of times I just wanted to end it all. But I’m still here today due to the support of my family and close friends.

I was once told that ‘When you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.’ and that rings true with depression – sure it may take some time, sure not everyone will understand, but you will get there. I’m not ashamed to admit to people I’ve suffered from depression – the stigma needs to be removed as it is just as legitimate and deadly an illness as cancer.

carsforhope is a great organisation that is shedding light on the illness through the support of the car scene – which is where I found my way to relax when I felt on the verge of relapsing. It’s been nearly 3 years since my last relapse and I’m proud to say that without the need for medication, and with the love and support from everyone dear to me I have grown as a person and the outlet for my personality is my car.

Keep up the great work guys! And for those who are suffering, don’t worry, it gets better.


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