About us

Founded in 2011, Cars For Hope is a non-profit movement of passionate automotive enthusiasts who are dedicated to driving hope towards those suffering from depression, anxiety, self-injury and aim to raise awareness within the automotive community of the issues surrounding mental illness.

Mental illness in Australia and around the world is still greatly misunderstood. Millions of people are directly affected by mental illness, however people often avoid talking about how they are feeling in fear of how they may be perceived by others. Cars For Hope advocates regular conversation about mental health and hopes to incite discussion of these issues more frequently between families, friends and loved ones.

Through our website, social media network and at automotive-based events Cars For Hope strives towards: educating the automotive community about the importance of mental health and; reinforcing the importance of and providing a means of seeking professional help for those who may be suffering from mental illness.

What we do

Give Hope

Give hope

Our aim is to create a positive community where hope is real and recovery is possible. We’re doing this through our creative campaigns and events to encourage and inspire.

Present Help

Connect to help

We help connect people in need to the help they deserve, from local to national organisations and initiatives which tackle a wide range of mental health challenges.

Fight Stigma

Fight stigma

We believe in a world where stigma doesn’t exist. Our community of car enthusiasts have been driving the end of mental health stigma via our social media, merchandise and events since 2011.

Invest in other non-profit organisations


We’re proud to invest directly into the research and treatment of mental illness by providing grants and sponsorship to help centres and other non-profit organisations.

Our vision

  • We envision an increase in awareness about anxiety, depression and self-injury.
  • We envision the recognition and acceptance of these issues.
  • We envision the reduction of the stigma surrounding mental illness and that those who are in need of help, seek it.
  • We envision recovery
  • We envision healthy relationships and fulfilled lives.
  • We envision a change.

Everybody faces a time in their lives where they may feel weak, vulnerable or helpless. Cars For Hope exists to provide support to anyone who exhibits these feelings or any symptoms of mental illness.  We are a reminder to those who are suffering that they are not alone in their battle. We are a community who knows and understands the importance of mental health because we ourselves have faced adverse times. But we know that there is hope; the hope that can sees our vision achieved.