Story Submission by Keez, Age 17

I’ve suffered from depression for 5 years, ever since I developed a skin condition called Psoriasis. I use to have to go to school wearing a jacket, long pants, and have a fringe just so it wasn’t to noticeable, even through summer. I never could go out with my best mate, was always to embarrassed, people use to call me names in the shops and streets like ‘rash boy’ or ‘fat rash’ no one understood what it was like to have something so horrible, that you would self harm yourself hoping it would end. The Depression never made it any better, I could never speak to girls because they were grossed out, all I could do was stay home all day and pray for a change. I started getting into cars and became interested in the JDM community since year 8, it was the only thing that got my mind off stuff. Things have become a bit better recently with new drugs being experimented on me to find a cure, it works on and off, But I have hope for the future, and so should other people going through hard times, Hope.


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