Story Submission by Anonymous, Age 27

It all began a couple of years ago when my girlfriend decieded she didn’t want to be my girlfriend anymore.

After that I started to lose contact with most of my family and friends.
It’s getting worse every year, losing more friends. One after one.

I have had some luck and found some new friends thanks to my car hobby, but they aren’t that close, and I barely dare to speak with them about my illness.

In all this, I feel hopeless, worthless and unloved. Nobody really cares about me and nobody calls me unless I call them first. Sometimes it can go weeks between I see or talk to someone I know.

Now and then I can’t even get out of my apartment, just going to the grocery store is a big pain.

People at work have started to notice that there is something different aswell, but I don’t want them to know.

Nobody knows. Except me. I know. I know full well that as of right now, there’s not much in my life that keeps me going. Nothing really worth living for… Except for one thing. My car.

Without it, there is no point.


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2 Responses
  1. Myles

    Stay strong dude! Try and motivate yourself to get out more and see some people, even just talking to people more often may help, but just try and think positively, if your car is what you live for, embrace it! go driving more often, work on it etc. if that is what makes you happy do it as much as you can, i hope you feel better soon man :)

  2. David ket

    Nothing can hit you harder than life. Get back up and dont let anything put you down.

    I dont know what your situation is now but from what ur saying, it started from your ex girlfriend. Dont let any girl bring your life down… I know its hard. I been there.

    But yeah, dont let it get worst.. Reply if u need someone to talk to. Chin up man! Ull be fine..

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