EVENT: ClubITR x Cars For Hope x JSCC Annual BBQ 2012

Last weekend ClubITR once again held their NSW Annual BBQ and teamed up with Cars For Hope to cap off 2012 with a relaxed vibe. This year’s event was held at a different site within Lane Cove National Park together with JSCC, with greater parking and better facilities to cater for a increased capacity of members and their vehicles. Over 70 Hondas of all forms were set to celebrate on the sweltering Sunday in the Sydney sun from ITRs, to Civics as well as S2000s, however, more vehicles of not only Honda make came and went as the day progressed, adding a constantly altering flavour of vehicles to the BBQ.

Felix was frantically running around all morning to make sure that all of the ITRs were neatly presented for the day. It was all DC5s ganging up on the DC2s at one stage!

Many arrived early to secure a good spot for their cars.

The Cars For Hope ITR sat alone alongside a group of JDM-front DC2s including ClubITR owner Felix’s, which is immaculately presented on white Regamaster Evo wheels.

Beside it was our table full of stickers and pamphlets regarding depression as well as the new ‘What Makes You Happy?’ campaign…

…where we asked attendees to write what makes them happy and stick it on to the windscreen of the ITR.

Walking around the event, it was great to see the sheer amount of Cars For Hope stickers on cars not only from ClubITR members. By supporting Cars For Hope, displaying a sticker and informing people of the reason behind it, they are showing people that they care and people are not alone even through the toughest of times.

Brandon and BYP brought along their monster DC2R, which recently finished 1st outright at the Skylines Australia Nationals at Wakefield Park with a 1:01.3940, a blistering time for any car.

It gathered much attention throughout the day as many were keen to uncover some of the secrets behind this crazy machine. Check out the initial stage of their build which outlines just some of the goodies that makes this ITR as fast as it is here.

ITRs of all disciplines were present at this year’s BBQ, like Elbow’s super clean DC5R with CCWs.

Check out the fitment on those CCWs. Perfect.

Whatever the style, from stance to track, all Hondas are welcome at ClubITR.

And all ages too!

The stance movement is well and truly alive as exhibited by this EG Civic.

Freshly painted in vivid blue and slammed on a set of dished BBS RS wheels, it isn’t only decked out in the aesthetics department, but also in the engine department, with a B16 conversion under the bonnet.

Another EG Civic on mildy-dished Sprint Hart CP-Rs – arguably the wheel for EGs.

With a few decals carefully applied throughout the car, Narada’s S2000 reveals his slightly obsessive track-inspired intentions.motives for his car.

From DC2s to DC5s, many seem to be rocking Regamaster Evos these days. Shakeel’s DC5R pulls off a white-on-gold colour scheme with ease.

Inside the car, Shakeel has recently added a Yakuza-style addition to keen eyes who may stumble upon the interior’s roof(?). We’ve never seen anything quite like his dragon pattern rooflining, but it is very unique indeed!

Steven’s BBS-equipped S2000 which we featured a little while ago made a brief appearance, sporting a set of new Bilstein coilovers on his quest for USDM glory.

Meanwhile, Phillip’s S2000 that attended last year’s BBQ with aggressively-fitted BBS LMs was seen this year with some CR Kais but was still sitting as low as ever!

This CL9 Accord looks right at home in the national park’s twisties and definitely wouldn’t seem out of place in the Touge Showdown segment of any Hot Version DVD.

It wasn’t just an afternoon of Hondas, though.  Cars as clean as John’s Evo were getting attention from even the most diehard of Honda owners and fans.

From Mitsubishis to Nissans, it was all at the BBQ!

Built To Order arrived with a fleet of their finest selection of vehicles.

Dale’s widebody S15, oh so yummy!

Tarik’s slammed and fitted Civic has been gaining lot’s of attention lately for it’s flawless paint as much as it’s flourescent pink accents and we can definitely see why.

VIP Modulars, let alone ones as bright as these are absolute attention grabbers!

Subaru’s BRZ hasn’t seen as much limelight as it’s brother the Toyota 86, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less cool! What better colour to choose than Subaru’s signature WR Blue Mica?

The distinct whine of a 13B amongst the many VTEC screams.

The body and paint shops wait for Brandon’s monster DC2R as it is planned for a revamped front end and a full respray. We can’t wait to see the final outcome!

The raffle draw ended a day of conversing about cars, with a range of great prizes on offer to a few lucky winners…

…which included sticker packs…

…club memberships…

…and car parts of course!

A shout out to all the sponsors below who kindly donated prizes for the fund raising raffle:

Works Engineering Australia
Extreme Project World
Japanese Sports Car Club
Circuit Club
Scotts Honda
JDM Yard
BYP Racing and Developments
Zen Garage
Street Cover

We’d also like to thank ClubITR and JSCC for accommodating us on the day. It was a successful day with a great atmosphere and we’d also like to thank everyone who came and supported Cars For Hope regardless of the make of their car.

Matthew is the Company Secretary at Cars For Hope, taking care of things behind the scenes as well as writing, editing or photographing much of what appears on the website. He's an aspiring Mechanical Engineer, and is an avid photographer, cyclist and motorsports-watcher in his spare time. Check out Matthew's thoughts and adventures on his website.

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