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I don’t know why I am writing this, no one will read it. I know I am depressed, I know I could probably be happier. I just can’t face myself to tell my family, my partner, anyone really; I feel it’s easier to live depressed than talk about it.


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5 Responses
  1. Myles

    Hi Bec, i read your post and so did many others. You shouldnt have to feel that it’s easier to live depressed than to speak out about it. I think you should talk to your partner or your family. Im sure they would be understanding and if you dont feel comfortable about speaking to them about it, you can see a counsellor or a psychiatrist. I think it is always better to let someone know and to vent about your feelings/emotions rather than bottle them up inside. You are not alone in the battle of depression remeber that :)

  2. Travv

    I hear you. We’ve all felt like that at some point, or multiple points in our lives. But it’s a lie.
    For me, the more I talked about it the easier it became. Maybe not at the start, but these days if I feel like I’m heading ‘down’ again, I talk to try and slow down the descent.
    Just find someone that you feel comfortable to confide in. Or if there isn’t any ‘one’ person that you feel okay telling it all to, just tell a little bit to a lot of people. But make sure it’s people whose opinion and input you value. Hopefully if you start talking, you’ll possibly be surprised with where your support comes from.

  3. David ket

    Hey Bec, all of us here dont know you but we’re here to listen. What you said is a good starting point. Tell us when you’re ready. We’re all here for ya.

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