EVENT: Fuel 4 Charity 2013

Fuel 4 Charity has shone a new light on charities and the role the automotive community can play in helping those less fortunate. A newly-founded non-profit organisation, Fuel 4 Charity hosts automotive events with a twist – where 100% of the proceeds are donated to charitable foundations. Although only in their infancy, their inaugural event at Silverwater Park in Sydney was held with great success in support of the Leukemia Foundation, an organisation which all cancer sufferers can relate to. We attended as Team Cars For Hope together with a small selection of cars and sporting our hot off the press team hoodies to show our support for both of these great initiatives.

BMW M3 at Fuel 4 Charity

Many ventured from across Sydney and beyond to meet like-minded friends and socialise about all things cars whilst raising some very important money for charity.

Red Honda NSX at Fuel 4 Charity

It isn’t everyday that you see an NSX but this one dressed in Honda’s famous Formula Red was one of a few which made an appearance and made the event just that little bit cooler.

Fuel 4 Charity, S14 Silvia

Clean styling will never go out of date and at almost 15 years old, it is easy to see how this S14 could look great in another 15 years.

KE35 Corolla

I thought these were a cool addition to a neat-looking KE35 Corolla, adding to the relaxed social vibe of the event.

Shakotan R31 Skyline

999 Automotive attended with one very awesome shakotan R31 Skyline. Mismatched wheels with loads of dish, belly-scraping ride height and a rad ‘Party Cat’ windscreen decal – I think we all know what kind of dancing it was built to do!

Porsche 964 and R32 Golf

From Japanese to European everyone was welcome to Fuel 4 Charity. Here is Kevin’s mint Porsche 964 alongside Josh’s ‘Daebak’ R32 Golf.

Porsche 944

This Porsche on the other hand had attracted my gaze from afar – an immaculately presented 944 with splashes of racing bits, it looked like it meant business! And it sounded that way too!

9lives Toyota 86

The event was highlighted by 9Lives and his interestingly-decorated Toyota 86, who alone raised almost $1000 of the $9,000 total raised on the day. Well done 9Lives!

Team Cars For Hope at Fuel 4 Charity

I don’t think anybody will deny that the event was immensely successful. A special thanks to Fuel 4 Charity, 9Lives and everyone who made the inaugural event one to remember. For those who would like to help Fuel 4 Charity reach their $10,000 milestone for the Leukemia Foundation, visit Fuel 4 Charity’s Everyday Hero page here and make a donation.

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