Story Submission by Anonymous, Age 21

People don’t know my pain, what I’ve been through, or the reasons why I act the way I do. Each day is a struggle, even small things like chores. I just have no energy. The world is dull. Even with all these seemingly obvious signs, people will judge. They will label you as being different, a weirdo, or worse.

I envy the people who have loving families; those who have support and care about them. The fact that they’ll always have someone to go to if they need a question to be answered. I’ve always been alone. This doesn’t help things to go better or be any easier even though I’ve been trying all this time.

I’ll keep trying to think positive and I’ll hold onto faith that things will soon get better. Though who knows… that’s what I’ve been saying for years now. I just hope one day life would be merciful and spare me before I give up.


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