Story Submission by Anonymous, Age 19

If you saw me, I would seem like a happy person. My life would look so great, so complete. But beneath this shell, hides a fractured individual.
Yeah, my life is pretty good, but I often wonder about the decisions I’ve made so far. Yeah, I’m only 19, but depression is something that attacks you and doesn’t care how old you are.

Does anyone regret the decisions they’ve made when they were growing up?
From high school romances to the way you drive a car. Each instance seems to shape your life for a short period, but the scars and memories last a lifetime. When I see or even just think about someone I miss so much, it often throws me into a downward spiral. I’m never quite sure how to bounce back from these scenarios, so I shared some of my thoughts with some close friends.

The first thing I did: Accepted that I may have depression.
There’s nothing weak about it, nor does it make me an alienated individual from society. Although my close friends don’t believe I have depression… I do have a friend who’s been through it before and they have helped me fight through some difficult battles in my life. This seems to be re-occurring thing in my life.

But each time I win a battle, the victory is sweeter. Battling depression is hard. No doubt. But with the support from your close family and friends, it’s not as tough as first seems.

Everyday can, and probably will, look like another sad gloomy day. But like wearing sunglasses, once they’re removed and you have another look, the world is a much brighter place.

I wish you all the very best in your fights against depression. I would like to give a special shout out to the people who have shared their stories and to Cars For Hope for allowing individuals, like me, to share their story.

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