SNAPSHOTS: Dale’s 650R Ninja

Dale's 650R Ninja

Here’s a snapshot of team member Dale Ritchie and his Kawasaki 650R Ninja. He’s been with us since the establishment of the organisation and takes care of the Information Technology aspects of operating Cars For Hope. While he also owns a Mazda 6 MPS you would often see him commuting to work on his motorbike and in his spare time enjoying long rides through Australia’s better roads.

Everyone in the team has the same motivation to drive towards the mission of raising awareness about depression and Dale is no different. What’s different is our story before the organisation’s existence. Our experiences, knowledge and opinions. What drives us to volunteer our time and effort to make Cars For Hope possible.

Dale’s story and more info on his bike will be published at a later date so keep an eye on the website.

With hope,

Team Cars For Hope

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