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Story Submission by Mike, Age 23

From what I can remember, it all started with the passing of a close mate. One day I was getting a message to catch up, the next day saying he had taken his own life.

At the time I was having a lot of trouble at home only to be pushed to leave a month or so later, finding myself in a sharehouse with a bunch of intimidating strangers and a relationship built on nothing but lies and fake smiles.

4 years later and here I am.

Have you ever been in a room full of mates, friends or family and felt like you are the only one around? I think I remember being the happy kid with a smile on my face, but now I’m the quiet guy in the corner minding my own business, looking at nothing on my phone hoping people don’t come up and talk to me. I’m the guy freaking out in the crowd, running to the nearest quiet place to regain control of my mind.

With all that in mind, whats keeping me here?

My car!

With everything going on in my life, I could always rely on my car being there for me. To everyone else it was just a car, but to me it was a lifeline! At any point I was feeling down or just having a bad time I could jump in and head for the hills. With the speedo set at 100, the trees whizzing past and the sound of the exhaust filling the car, I was finally free.

While I am still the quiet guy, I’d let my car do the talking. Whether it would be things like having the the water bead off the silky smooth paint or the suspension set so stupidly low that every oil change actually meant repairing the sump and loud as exhaust. All these things were a representation of what made me happy.

I honestly owe my life to my cars and have no idea what I’d do without them. I am strong, I will remain strong.

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  1. Sammi


    I know the feels, my pride and joy a 2000 VT Commodore is a large part of what’s kept me going, kept me grounded. It’s everything to me, and the one thing I could always count on. I had an accident in March this year (2019) and ever since then things have turned to crap. People just don’t understand how a car can be a huge part of what keeps a person same and centred. That car has never let me down ever, until the accident.

    I’m lost without it I tell you, I got another car for getting to work and proceeded to start making it nice trying to catch up on the maintenance that’s been neglected.

    From one car lover to another be well xx

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