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Story Submission by Lauren, Age 16

For nine years I was bullied for loving cars, motorsport, racing go karts and having the dream to be the first Australian female F1 driver, I was in year 2 when most of this started and it started to get worse in High School.

In classes I would get paper, pens, scissors, glue, food thrown at me, get called mean and inappropriate names, physically pushed over and kicked, told me all sorts of stuff like I’ll never get to F1 and that I suck at karting etc..

I then turned to self-harm and would cut myself, I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, and would then overdose on anything I could find. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve attempted. I’ve lost count. I think about killing myself every single day. I have also wanted to turn to drugs but haven’t gone down that road.

I see a psychiatrist every few weeks and talk. I’ve moved schools since and I’m starting to like school for once in all of my schooling years, I still have stuff happen out of school but at least it’s not every single day anymore.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, anxiety, self-harm or addiction, please reach out. Call 13 11 14 for Lifeline’s 24hr Telephone Crisis Support or contact a mental health professional. If you are looking for other mental health resources, browse our Find Help page.

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12 Responses
  1. Idle

    I feel so bad for you, I know what it feels like :/ If I could, I would hug you right now, listen to everything you want to say, try to help you in any way I can. Stay strong! You can get through this. I really hope that I can one day see you driving a F1 :)

  2. Anon

    What the actual #$%^? Im almost 16 (male) and I cannot believe anyone would do this to you. I find it horrible how people are able to crush others’ dreams like that. I I think you are extremely mentally tough to be able to keep your head high and follow your dream of becoming an f1 driver. I wish i was able to express my thoughts about your story in a comment but it just cannot be done. Your story really struck a chord, goodluck with everything Lauren.

  3. Myles

    Lauren, i am soo glad i met you, i know we have had our disagreements and arguments and we have not talked for periods of time, but i dont want that to happen again, i want to be here for you when you need me, i want you to trust me and rely on me, i know we are not as close as we used to be, but i want to fix that and i want to see you get through this, like alot of people do, just stay strong and positive, you have alot of people on your side and we all want you to succeed in your dreams! so dont give up ok! fight and beat the pain and dont ever look back at the bad times, you will succeed, i know you will :) <3 xxx

  4. Leonardo

    Lauren, ive allreadu passed trough things like u, but i wasnt so lucky and let the drugs come in this scenario, its incredible how people can crush with everything in your life, but i found strenght in my family, u gotta keep ur head up n keep dreamin, cuz those people that said that u will nver be a f1 driver, those people, theyve done that cuz they re mediocre people who dont have big dreams in their life n when they see someone fighting for something they try to hold then.
    I feel that u are a strong person, so dont give up girl, try, but try really hard to reach your dreams cuz those things that hapenned to u gonna be just one more motivation for u think “I CAN DO IT”. Go for your dreams.
    I cant wait to see u on F1 girl, good luck !

  5. Zoe

    Hiya Lauren,

    I know what it’s like to be bullied and I know what it’s like with depression and anxiety. It’s makes everything feel as impossible as it could ever be. But know this, through the fact that you managed to get through all of this and continue to be strong simply says that you can do it. You can make it. And I think you know you can too otherwise you would’ve been successful in ending everything despite your attempts.

    I think we’ll be seeing you in the F1 very soon. =)

  6. Lauren

    Thankyou so very much everyone, just an update on racing so far!
    3rd in championship – 2 points behind 2nd and 5 behind 1st
    1st place- Wollongong
    5th place ladies day nationals was my debut in seniours and first race in clubman light – was 3rd but engine overheated last lap lost 2 positions last lap last corner
    Also have had 2nd and 3rd places at club rounds
    And 2 new sponsors for 2013
    I’m so very glad for all your lovely comments, it made me very happy, and stopped me from quitting my karting carear, I had my days where I didn’t race for over 3-4 weeks but got back in the kart debut race in seniours and acheived what I wanted to, protour race at Lithgow in a few weeks with all the big boys in the rotax.. Wish me luck!
    Thankyou again everyone for believing in me and my journey to f1 which one day i hope comes true! Xoxoxo

  7. Charlie

    We all have to deal with that kind of shit, but you are not alone. Since when I was a very small kid, I’ve always wanted to be a car designer but then, the people try to turn you off, saying that you have to put your feet on the ground, and know what? Being realistic is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Follow your dreams, it seems you are brave enough to keep fighting. I’m 17 and from Mexico I send you all my love and support in order you achieve what you want…

  8. Greg

    I have been involved in Motorsports for almost a decade at this point. You are the definition of awesome, at least in my opinion. Getting the youth of today involved is a crucial part of carrying on the legacy! And for all that is holy, we need more women to show up and kick @$$. Don’t stop doing what your doing and if you make it to the F1 ranks, you have already made one fan! Good luck and godspeed!

  9. Rahul Dasyam

    One day, you’ll be glad and thankful to yourself that you never gave up….the journey is tough indeed but never lose sight of what you always wanted…all the best!!!

  10. Luca

    If i ever had the opportunity to meet a girl like you that she’s a petrolhead like me, probably i’ve at least tried to take her out for a date. You’re such a rare gem, don’t let these idiots let you down.

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