Story Submission by Anonymous, Age 16

I can’t remember how long I’ve suffered from depression for but I can remember how dull and dark my days used to be. Depression is something you don’t realise you have until after a while or when you read about the symptoms of the disease. For me, getting out of bed in the morning was the worst thing; all I wanted to do was sleep because dreams or not being awake was better than reality at the time. Nothing seemed to be worth doing and I had no motivation at all. I never thought about how long this would go for or what caused me to be like this. I have never told anyone about this and to this day, nobody knows.

Those days are now mostly over for me, everybody has their good and bad days, but now I have good days – most days. I don’t know what happened or what changed, but ever since I’ve slowly transformed into an obsessed car freak or enthusiast (whichever you prefer). Right now, cars are my life. If it wasn’t for cars I don’t what I would be doing right now. Cars have made me who I am today. I’ve never been as happy and motivated in my life. Everything has changed.

Depression is something that you, someone close to you, someone in your family, or anyone you know – could have, and sometimes you could never know until it’s a bit too late.


You may ask yourself ‘Why me?’ Understand that everything happens for a reason and things always get better and better if that’s what you want. Positive thinking can really make a big difference. Please always keep that in mind. You matter.


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