Story Submission by Andrew, Age 18

I’ve been through depression for a few years. It’s not a great feeling but if you take the steps necessary you will find that life isn’t all that bad. When battling with depression I thought of nothing but how sad life was and what people would think about me. I never appreciated the help of my friends, family and teachers or found that it was enough to help me get through depression. Then I realized that there are many activities, hobbies, interesting, outrageous, extraordinary, challenges and crazy things in this world that could lift you off your seat and bring you up

You just have to find what you love doing and not worry about the things that make you worry you so much. I’ve had problems since high school, my grades weren’t good enough for university and I lacked the motivation to do anything like study, play sports, and go out with my friends. It got worse and worse so I decided to see a councillor and go out more. It’s what you want to do not what people think you have to do. Just think about yourself for one day and do what you really want to do. If you want to spend a whole day working on your car then go do it. Because it’s what makes you happy. That’s what I did, I did what I wanted. I hated school so I wanted to do as less of it as I could. I didn’t get what I wanted out of school and I became even more confused about life. So after I left school my mind felt clear, I didn’t feel like I was in jail but at the same time I found myself worrying about making my parents proud of me. But really, if you do what you really want there is no limit to your happiness and success. Life is great. Don’t take it for granted. Everyone can do great things and achieve greatness.


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