NEWS: English cricketers Stuart Broad and Matt Prior save distressed man from Sydney suicide attempt

Last Thursday whilst returning to their hotel from a charity event, English cricketers Stuart Broad and Matt Prior helped to save a young man from a suicide attempt on Pyrmont Bridge in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Together with their security officer Terry Minish, the pair helped to pull the distressed man from the railing of the bridge as he was about to jump and tended to him until the police had arrived.

The cricketers were returning from a Barmy Army function for the Broad Appeal at a nearby bar, when it happened.

“We just did what anybody would do in that situation,” recalled Prior.

“We were trying to help a bloke who was struggling and in a bad way. I look back and I’m just glad we left the bar when we did and we were there for him.”

Prior approached the man – who was perched on the railing – with caution and moments later the trio were wrestling him to the safety of the bridge after he made an indication that he was about to jump.

Minish reported that the man had “indicated he wanted to drown.”

“He was saying he just wanted to drown,” he said.

“It all happened very quickly and we acted on impulse. It is what you do in these situations.”

Broad later tweeted that he was proud of Prior’s actions and Australian cricket team coach Darren Lehmann also commended their efforts.

“I thank them. It’s a fantastic thing to do,” said Lehmann.

“To save someone’s life is pretty special, so from an Australian point of view I thank them for saving another Australian by what they’ve done there.”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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