EVENT: ClubITR x Cars For Hope Annual BBQ 2016

What better way is there to welcome the beginning of summer than with a BBQ? For the last few years, the ClubITR Annual BBQ has been our way of sending off the year and 2016 was no different, with the final meet until 2017 held at Royal National Park at Lane Cove in Sydney. And with this year being ClubITRs 10th anniversary, it made for a very memorable one indeed.

End of year meets are the best time to catch up with old mates and share stories about our cars, where we’ve been with them and what we’ve done to them over the past year.

Oh, and not to forget all of the plans that we have for them in the coming year!

It’s also the perfect way to introduce those young and old to the wonders of the Honda world.

Let’s start with the stars of the show – the Integras. It is a ClubITR BBQ after all!

There was the usual mix of DC5s and DC2s, colour-coded and lined up in chronological order, no less.

From AUDM to JDM-front DC2Rs it was all there.

K-swap, anyone?

It was great to see the different ways in which owners modify their cars. I must say that I’m partial to how unabashedly clean DC2Rs look with minimal aesthetic modifications bar a clean set of wheels.

What’s greater is that ClubITR meets aren’t a competition on who has the most powerful car, the most expensive car, or the most modifications.

In fact, a clean car close to stock will get you just as much kudos as one that’s been completely kitted out in go-fast bits or otherwise.

Of course, that doesn’t mean what’s considered the holy grail of Hondas, the NSX, doesn’t get any love!

This particular one our regular readers might recognise, which was fitted with adjustable suspension for no compromise between streetability and head-turningly perfect stance.

Despite how mature in age these cars may be, it’s hard to dismiss their unmistakable, and seemingly timeless design. I think that’s what I, along with many others, appreciate the most about these cars.

The upcoming NSX is an exciting prospect for Honda aficionados and car lovers alike, but it’s difficult not to think back and reminisce about the history behind the original from a time when Japanese automotive engineering was in its prime.

Then there’s the Honda masterpiece considered one of the greatest driver’s cars in history – the S2000.

There was a great showing of S2000s, in a variety of monochrome shades.

This one blended street and track perfectly with CE28Ns wrapped in some meaty rubber, and a subtle bodykit contrasted against the large Voltex rear wing.

Moving away from monochrome, I loved the shade of blue on this AP2, plus the bright gold wheels really set off its look.

Spot the cheeky Jetstar Airways sticker on the rear wing side plate!

This street-oriented AP2 was also rocking a neat set of CE28Ns along with a slick looking hardtop.

Whether your car is silver…

…or yellow, you really can’t go wrong with Rays wheels, a monstrous rear wing, and a carbon fibre hardtop!

Speaking of driver’s cars, was this Mazda MX-5 Eunos Roadster which showed up later in the day.

To me, the classic European sports car touches infused with a late 1980s/early 1990s Japanese car is the cherry on top of what is already a near-perfectly balanced chassis.

This EK Civic had an interesting mix of grey and black, with dashes of carbon fibre throughout.

It was sitting atop lightweight Rays wheels of course, but a set of TE37s instead.

Plus it seems like No Good Racing merchandise straight off the streets of Kyoto are the hot accessories for Civics and other kanjou-inspired Hondas these days.

Keeping on the wheel discussion, it’s also not uncommon to spot Civics fitted with Rays wheels as well, making even the most subdued cars pop.

FN2R Civics aren’t something I tend to see much of on the roads these days, but there happened to be a quiet trio at the BBQ.

I’m still curious about the rationale behind its design, considering how forward-looking it is compared to other Civic models, even now.

Scattered amongst the Hondas were a host of gems from other marques as well.

I touched on the Eunos Roadster, but there were also Mitsubishi Evos…

…a white-on-white Subaru Impreza on Work Meister S1s…

…and even a track-prepped R34 Skyline. Those who are eagle-eyed may also spot the Mazda RX-3 looking very period correct.

There were a few DC5 Integras that were left behind amongst the pack too.

Being ClubITRs 10th anniversary, nothing was more fitting than a huge raffle giveaway, with over $2500 worth of prizes on offer, including two track days as well as a host of other cool car-related goodies. From car care packages, to model cars and even our very own Cars For Hope merchandise pack on offer, there was something to satisfy everyone’s wants, needs and tastes.

Albert, Shak and Felix had the hard task of drawing the raffle prize winners…

…and Aaron was the proud winner of the Circuit Club track day grand prize to help hone his driving skills. Have fun, Aaron!

Thanks to Circuit Club, Daniel Karjadi Photography, DE1 Car Care Products, Eyes Four Photography, Gaijin Garage, Garage460, JDM Accessories, Nathan Wong, Road & Track Australia, Smooth As Detailing, SnowLance, Steadfast Detailing, The-Lowdown.com, Track School, What The Fad and Zen Garage for donating all of the prizes.

Before we knew it, it was time to clear out Royal National Park for another year as well as reflect on the past 10 that have have made ClubITR the positive and fun community that it is today.

In saying that, we’d like to thank Shak and Felix for organising and running the day, and to everyone who helped out and kept everything running smoothly.

And of course we’d like to extend an extra special thanks to all of you who showed your support for the Cars For Hope movement last weekend, and continue to do so everyday. A great amount was raised and donated, and all of it will be going straight into the organisation to help us keep doing what we do like giving hope, connecting people to the help they deserve, and investing directly into mental health research and treatment. Thank you.

I’ll wrap up the biggest and best ClubITR Annual BBQ ever, quite simply: with this cool drone group shot. Here’s to to ClubITR for another 10 years and beyond!

Matthew is the Company Secretary at Cars For Hope, taking care of things behind the scenes as well as writing, editing or photographing much of what appears on the website. He's an aspiring Mechanical Engineer, and is an avid photographer, cyclist and motorsports-watcher in his spare time. Check out Matthew's thoughts and adventures on his website.

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