EVENT: World Time Attack Challenge 2011 Practice

After unloading the cars from their containers and trailers, the practice day for the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge gave each of the teams a chance to investigate the conditions of Eastern Creek since the recent resurfacing of the turn one and two sections of the track, as well as overcome the problems that may have occurred in 2010. As most of the teams ventured from across the globe, this was their first run at Eastern Creek in just over a year and a good opportunity to stretch the cars legs, so to speak. All of the cars from the Pro and Open to the Clubsprint classes were given almost limitless use of the track for the day. The teams and engineers promptly made changes to their cars to shave even the slightest portion of a tenth from their times, however always keeping in mind not to push too hard with the risk that everything could come undone if something would break before the big day. Most eyes were on the Pro class cars as spectators wondered who would take the crown this year.

Will it be Team Revolution with their RX7?

That is quite an intimidating stance you have there. These guys are one of the most talked about in the Time Attack scene, they recently lapped Tsukuba in 53.6 falling just shy of Nob Taniguchi’s legendary lap in the HKS CT230R. I would keep my eye on them.

Or will it be the Panspeed RX7 driven by Kouta Sasaki?

This is the second trip to Australia for the guys at Panspeed. Now with some data in the back pocket and improvements to the car chances are they will improve from their personal best of 1:32.4540.

Or the Sierra Sierra Enterprises EVO?

As the 2010 runners up I’m sure these guys are back for revenge. That aero refinement looks neat.

The 2010 World Time Attack Champions, the guys at Cyber Evo looking calm as ever. Will they reign again?

Tarzan and the Cyber Evo attacking turn 2.

One car I’m rooting for is the privateer entry from Japan by “Under” Suzuki in the Scorch Racing S15.

Don’t underestimate this car. It laps the Tsukuba Circuit in 55 seconds, a rocket fast time.

As soon as Under Suzuki returned to the pits video footage was uploaded and analysed to see where he could improve.

The guys at the Sierra Sierra camp seemed to be having a great time.

Tarzan was a bit more serious inside the cockpit.

However out of the car; Tarzan was quite a character.

There were some fine examples of Australia built machines.

The freshly built Mercury Motorsports R35 GTR.

And the Pulse Racing Evo.

The legendary HKS CT230R previously mentioned was on display.

Things got a lil smokey in the pitlane. Very smokey…

The Scorch Racing S15 ran into some gearbox problems but I have heard parts are being organised from Hollinger as I type this to ensure Under Suzuki is set for tomorrow.

The next two days are going to be great. I know we can’t wait!

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