EVENT: 2011 Official World Time Attack Launch

The covers came off the two display cars to reveal the newly revamped Pulse Racing Evo and Jake Jones’ wide body Onevia, signalling there is less than a week till the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC). For a car fanatic like myself the coming week will turn out to be one of the longest weeks of the year because I simply cannot wait. However for some they may ask what is Time Attack racing? Time Attack is a circuit based event where competitors race against the clock to set the fastest lap possible. Now the form of racing is still in its early stages but with the contribution of the guys at WTAC the sport is beginning to develop dramatically. The event is held at Sydney’s Eastern Creek raceway and with top tier competitors flying over to Australia to compete from Japan, America and New Zealand we are definitely in for a treat on August the 5th and 6th. Tickets are available at the gate on both days and for more info visit worldtimeattack.com.

Anyway back to the launch. Both cars could be seen from multiple angles and across multiple levels of the Parramatta Westfields shopping centre. People stopped to peer from the railings and even as they were travelling down the escalators.

The Pulse Racing Evo showcased the best of time attack to the general public, featuring big aero, lashings of carbon fibre and a comprehensive engine package all on a set of Volk Racing TE37s.

A Motec dash logger plus a quick-release steering wheel – a must for extracting hundredths of a second in time attacks short, single-lap fliers.

Orange Volks and a straight pipe aid in the visual and audio aspects respectively, not that it isn’t attention-grabbing already.

On the other hand, Jake Jones’ Onevia gave a taste of Australia’s drift scene, with all that one will ever need to get slideways. The big news this year at WTAC is that as soon as the sun goes down turns ten eleven and twelve of the Eastern Creek raceway will be lit up and the best drifters will go head to head in the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge.

Of course there were beautiful promo girls on show to tease.

Drifting and elegance?

Many of the competitors will be out on track this week testing for the big event so make sure you tune back here to see our coverage of the practice days and of course the two action packed race days.

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