Admit it. We all have scars that we’ve been concealing. Scars that kept us from doing what we’ve always wanted to do with our lives. There are the physical scars that kept us from wearing that beautiful, supposedly flattering dress. There are the pimple scars that need tons of concealers, the kind of scars your crush cannot and should not see. And there are the emotional scars that we’re trying to mask because we don’t want the world to see our weaknesses. Whatever our life stories are, we all have scars we’re too embarrassed to show the world.

But scarred people are beautiful. Scars make us human. Scars make us beautifully flawed. Scars make our stories. Scars make us real.

So why feel embarrassed? Why keep it? No one’s made into perfection. We all have beautiful and triumphant stories to tell. People showing off perfect and flawless personalities scare me. Because they have nothing to share. They have nothing to prove to the world. Because they have a lousy life. And I don’t wanna spend my life with people living too-good-to-be-true lives because I will learn nothing from them. They don’t inspire me. The people who inspire me are those who’ve faced insurmountable hurdles. Because they have real stories and emotions to tell. Because they’ve been bruised yet learned from it and still see life’s magnificence. I love people who have laughed, cried, loved and lost. I love people who had their hearts broken yet managed to give more love. I love people who tripped, fell down, stepped up and rose for a better life. I love people with bruised egos because they learn to be humble. I love people with proud scars. Because they have lived life trying-to-be-perfect people have not.

Life is a bitch at times but it is during these times that we are challenged. We are challenged to become better persons. We are challenged to become the best that we can be. And 10 years from now, when you look back you will thank your scars for it. You will appreciate the beauty of your scars.

So just live life. Let it be. Love your scars. Show it to the world. Every life has a wonderful story behind it. Use it to inspire people and not to be embarrassed.

I have pimple scars to prove that I once lived a stressful life and patiently worked a job I never wanted to because I have a living to maintain.

I have a heart that was broken into pieces and have been stitched countless times. And that just made more room for more love to give.

I have a life scarred with embarrassments, lousy decisions and immature actions. And it made me realize that life isn’t all bad. There are always lessons to be learned, experiences to cherish and moments worth telling to my grandchildren.

Scarred people are the most beautiful people. Don’t envy Ms. Barbie Doll because for all we know, she’s dealing with bigger problems than you do.

So show your scars and be proud of them. They make them you. They show the beauty in you that perfection can never give.

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