EVENT: THE-LOWDOWN.com Presents: Showcased 2012

After intense planning from inception just over 6 months ago, last weekend marked the inaugural THE-LOWDOWN.com Presents: Showcased – Sydney. It was a day that automotive enthusiasts from across the east coast of Australia were looking forward to, with many travelling from interstate to attend as many cars would be unveiled, some after months of being away from the spotlight and others with a completely new look. The Fox Studios Entertainment Quarter carpark rooftop provided the perfect backdrop to the highly anticipated show with the CBD closeby and the accompanying JDM Style Tuning June EOMM only a level below. There were well over 170 amazingly-presented cars on the rooftop on the day and a further 2 levels underneath full of JDM Style Tuning EOMM-goers. Team Cars For Hope spent the day at Showcased to witness the cars and talk with people about our mission.


The excitement gained leading up to the show didn’t fail to impress, with many high quality cars making an appearance. JDMYard spent countless hours preparing their DC5 for completion just in time for Showcased.


It featured plenty of goodies from leading JDM brands including Mugen, Endless Brakes and Volk Racing Wheels.

Honda EP3 Civic Type R
A whole host of clubs from Sydney and beyond were on display, such as Victor’s super clean EP3 Civic Type R representing ClubITR together with Cars For Hope.

CL9 Accord Euro

Equally impressive was Alfa’s ‘Mr. Rein’ CL9 Accord Euro representing Infamous Crew and Built To Order. His uniquely styled Euro turns heads everywhere it goes, from meets to shows and on the street.

Dubai Gold VIP Modular VX310

Tucked perfectly under the guards are those ‘Dubai Gold’ VIP Modular VX310 wheels, taking VIP styling to the next level. There were a few Accords scattered throughout Showcased as well as the EOMM, rising in popularity because of their practicality with a hint of luxury.

Lexus GS300 Toyota Aristo

Rightly titled ‘BO55GS’, this Lexus GS300 (or Toyota Aristo as it is sold in Japan) was also sporting some VIP Modular wheels with dish that could compete with Bosozoku-styled cars.

VIP Modular VX210

We could not get over the absolutely perfect fitment of the VIP Modular VX210 wheels that the guards were resting on and fully epitomises the VIP sedan style.

Built to Order Lincoln Town Car

Built To Order also brought along a menacingly long Lincoln Town Car that would feel right at home cruising through the sunny streets of SoCal let alone at Showcased! Pure American 80’s design at it’s best.

Handmade Dayton

With genuine handmade Dayton wire wheels straight from the shores of USA, it put on a show with a little switch flipping session earlier in the day.

Stancenation Owen's VE Wagon

Some of the Stanceworks crew trekked up to Sydney from Melbourne and didn’t disappoint with the level of quality in their cars, or the Guy Fawkes masks the team members wore throughout the day. Owen’s stanced VE Wagon sitting static on Work Brombachers, which has been subject to mixed views, perfectly epitomises the variety in the stance scene in our eyes.

Stancenation Owen's VE Wagon

He proves that almost any car can be stanced and still look good by bringing a distinctly Australian flavour to what was originally a US-based movement.

First gen MX-5 Miata

First-generation MX-5 Miatas are equally popular with stance enthusiasts, as they’re becoming a cheaper convertible that quite simply looks great slammed with some aggressive offset wheels. A simple lip almost touching the ground, a fresh set of wheels and some stretched rubber is all you need!

Golf Rotiform BLQ

There was no shortage of Volkswagens either, as this slammed Golf on Rotiform BLQs demonstrates.

The-Lowdown FT-86

THE-LOWDOWN brought along a new Toyota 86 GTS. Hailed as the next generation AE86, there has been much attention gathering on the car even before it touched Australian shores. Toyota fans were able to get close and personal with this one as purchasing one would mean a few months wait with them selling very quickly Australia-wide.

Showcased RC Track

The RC cars attracted a crowd as usual…

Zen Garage & Jeri Lee

But the Zen Garage tent saw an even larger crowd as Jeri Lee fans gathered around in hope of a photograph with the import model.

S14 Silvia

Matt’s track-prepared S14 Silvia was once completely stock many years ago…

S14 Silvia Matt

…though it’s hard to believe that now with the obtrusive front splitter, widebody conversion and intimidating rear wing and diffuser!

Matt S14 Nismo, Apexi FC, Sparco, Velo

The S14’s interior plays host to a range of functional modifications such as a Nismo shift knob, Apexi FC controller, a Sparco steering wheel and Velo racing seat.

The Tith Brothers Cars For Hope

Our friends the Tith Brothers were busy all day covering the event in video with their awesome filming skills.

The Tith Brothers Cars For Hope Interview

Not only did they shoot the cars on show but also conducted a few interviews too.

Toyota 4A-GE Showcased

Arguably one of Toyota’s greatest engines, the humble 4A-GE can be seen sitting in quite a few cars. It isn’t famous for producing loads of power, but for its high-revving characteristic and thrashability, which is why it is so perfect for light RWD cars from AE86s to KE70 Corollas.

Batman Lamborghini Murcielago

Any show would not be complete without a visit from Batman himself in his Lamborghini Murcielago…


…or his targa-topped NSX for that matter!

Michael Zomaya Evo 9

Rolling in right on time was Michael Zomaya’s freshly completed Evo 9 in time for Showcased, which drew quite a crowd upon arrival.

Michael Zomaya Evo 9 Ellie and Adam The-Lowdown

It was the perfect opportunity for Ellie and Adam to place a sticker on the windshield to represent THE-LOWDOWN.com.

BMW 2002

Not of JDM origin, but this classic BMW 2002 was definitely a sight to see, complete with classic 8-spoke wheels and a subtle lower. With some models over 40 years old, this mint condition example showed no signs of age and looks like it could continue to be driven for years to come!

EH Civic, Faux-woodgrain Cam

Drawing inspiration from the US was this EH Civic with a faux-woodgrain cam cover. Check out that cool oil filler cap!

Honda EM1

Also following the USDM style was this uber clean EM1, proving that simple can be very successful. Civics like these look just as great now as they did over 10 years ago when they were released.

Golf with Hydraulics

This Golf was alternating it’s position throughout the day, a luxury only available to those with air or hydraulic suspension.

Steve's R34 GTR

We remember Steve’s R34 GTR from All Japan Day Sydney 2011 and it’s clean styling has been clearly etched in our minds. It’s great to see it again at Showcased still looking as clean as ever.

AW20 MR2 & Ryan AE86

This AW20 MR2 and Ryan’s AE86 in the background are regulars at meets and events. Together they make a Toyota duo that would make many envious.

NA MX-5 Miata MXB055

Stepping away from stance, but sticking with aggressive offset wheels is this track-ready NA MX-5 Miata that came down from Queensland. This is a machine that means business – a light, RWD platform providing the perfect base for a track weapon. The quality of the fabrication of the exhaust is just inspiring.

Honda Civic USDM

A view not unlike a US Honda meet, only it’s in Australia!

Hendra's widebody Subaru WRX

Hendra’s widebody bug-eye WRX came out to Showcased after a few alterations, most noticeably the change from red to grey on the exterior and the addition of a new rollcage in the interior.

Lexus Showcased

We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who made Showcased Sydney successful and especially to the crew at THE-LOWDOWN.com who worked very hard to produce an amazing event and accommodate everyone on the day. We can’t wait for the next one!

Matthew is the Company Secretary at Cars For Hope, taking care of things behind the scenes as well as writing, editing or photographing much of what appears on the website. He's an aspiring Mechanical Engineer, and is an avid photographer, cyclist and motorsports-watcher in his spare time. Check out Matthew's thoughts and adventures on his website.

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