Thanks for a great year!

A message from Berty – Soon the clock will tick over and 2012 will have begun. A brand new year and at times I’m sure you will face up to a few battles. Because I am human and you are too. We all wake to the human condition of living with problems of pain.

I’ve felt so tired lately, I’ve felt perhaps one of the lowest of lows I’ve had in a very long time and sometimes I believe the lie that it would be better for everyone if I had just closed my eyes on the motorway and let go of the steering wheel, if I just stopped, if I just gave up. But every time I feel this way I try to remind myself that this tiredness will go away and when this isn’t enough I try to remember all the ones who will not be okay, if I was ever to quit. And even though I’ll know these moments will soon pass it doesn’t change the fact that I feel like utter crap in this moment. It reminds me of why I dreamed of this movement, to remind people who are struggling to never give up, to fight off that thought in your mind that says you can’t; because it’ll only get the best of you if you allow it. I’m telling you now to not allow it, because along with millions of other human beings there may be a day where we forget. I’m hoping you will remind us.

With hope,

Albert Nghiem

The Cars For Hope movement is a dream come true. It’s been an amazing ride since 2011 and a privilege to bring my heart to work every day. I get to wake up every day and write things that I really believe and say things that I really believe. I get to be creative trying to encourage people and move people to know that it’s okay to be honest and that it’s okay to ask for help. And the other part of it is I get to hear the best stories and compliments, sometimes even people saying they’re still alive and getting help because of the work that we do. It’s so incredibly humbling and encouraging.

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