As we pause to remember the men and women killed in combat, we choose also to remember the soldiers lost to suicide and mental ill health.
To soldiers and to the friends and family of soldiers, we pause to acknowledge you today, to say that you matter. The things you’ve seen, the things you’ve lost, the battles that you fight, the dreams that steal your sleep – may we never call them small.
As a community we need to acknowledge the higher rate of PTSD in our veteran community. To the ones who fought for peace and freedom, we hope those things for you. We hope for rest and healing, and innocence again. We hope for people who will listen and the strength in you to speak. May other people know you, walk with you in the questions and recovery. May you get the help you need, the help that you deserve.
We say that we see you, and not only as a soldier but also as a person. Someone not unlike us. You are significant.
Humbly, thank you.

For 24/7 support, Open Arms provides counselling and mental health services to Australian veterans and their families.
Learn more at or visit for helpful links and resources.

The Cars For Hope movement is a dream come true. It’s been an amazing ride since 2011 and a privilege to bring my heart to work every day. I get to wake up every day and write things that I really believe and say things that I really believe. I get to be creative trying to encourage people and move people to know that it’s okay to be honest and that it’s okay to ask for help. And the other part of it is I get to hear the best stories and compliments, sometimes even people saying they’re still alive and getting help because of the work that we do. It’s so incredibly humbling and encouraging.

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