EVENT: All Stars ‘Spring Picnic’ 2012

Car shows have begun to become repetitive. Meeting the same people and seeing the same cars can become tiring, but All Stars aims to change this by diversify the Australian scene and bringing together enthusiasts from all car cultures. Following ‘All Stars at Meguiar’s MotorEx 2012’, last weekend’s ‘Spring Picnic’ brought together an assortment of “street, show, go, slow and everything in-between” in a show ‘n’ shine with a bit of a relaxed picnic vibe. The emphasis of the day was placed on variety in the vehicles that attended for a lazy afternoon with few trophies or prizes, catering for everyone from young enthusiasts new to the modifying scene to the older generation who have fiddled with cars for decades.

Only yesterday did it seem like we were at Silverwater Park for All Japan Day, and here we were once again for ‘Spring Picnic’. It proved to be the perfect location, incorporating a relaxed atmosphere that welcomed automotive enthusiasts and their families for a day with All Stars.

All Star’s very own Sergio came with his S15, famous for it’s clean lines, jaw-dropping paint and abundance of JDM goodness. It featured a new set of wheels since Showcased, but still looked as perfect as ever.

It was getting attention from many a passerby from cyclists, families taking a stroll through the surrounding parks and boaters taking an afternoon cruise down the Parramatta River.

For some, however, function over form will always be priority.  This KE70 looked ready for a bit of a drift bashing around the track complete with chin spoiler and interior additions ranging from a Broadway mirror towards the front and venetians at the rear…

…as was this KE70, which possessed a slightly more beaten look.  Truly epitomising function over form.

It was riddled with rust and plagued panels, but who says you need to have an immaculate car to have character?

Sydney-based Japanese vehicle importers Xtreme Motorsports came out in full force, bringing along a plethora of weird and wonderful creations ranging from this distinctly Australian-styled Mazda RX-3 with Simmons…

…to their Hakosuka Skyline…

…to this VIP’d out Tarago! The van scene was well represented with a Nissan Elgrand lurking in the background.

Equally impressive was this shakotan Toyota Crown, with a set of takeyari for that “subtle” bosozoku look. Such is the variety we expect to see at an All Stars show.

Of course in attendance were the staple of all Australian events like this mild-looking track-spec MX-5, which goes unnoticed to the untrained eye. It might be a hairdresser’s car to some, but we think otherwise!

There was no shortage of cleanliness in the form of this white-on-black R32 on Enkei RPF1s. Although over 20 years old, the R32 still manages to melt the hearts of many and provides stiff competition for some newer vehicles!

This immaculate S13 Silvia cannot be described with words. Subtly-kitted with fat rubber on Longchamp XR4s and a nice little tsurikawa hanging from the rear brings the classic 90s Japanese street look to 2012.

However, some people exchanged tsurikawas for slightly more interesting objects…

It was not all Japanese at ‘Spring Picnic’, however, with this good old American Mustang making an appearance. It’s great to see the legends of yesteryear that remind today’s modifiers of the golden age of car customisation and our automotive roots.

A Suzuki Sierra is a rarity on the street let alone at any show. Known as a Kei car in Japan with it’s small engine capacity and even smaller stature, at ‘Spring Picnic’ it was towering above most.

Chook’s ‘BO55GS’ Lexus GS300 never ceases to amaze with his VIP-style fitment. Slammed to the ground is the only way to go!

And slammed was the word of the day for those at House of Stance. From newer Japanese to slightly older European sedans, it was all at All Stars.

Ryan’s TA23 Celica was painted just in time for ‘Spring Picnic’. There are many things still in store for this classic Toyota, but a perfect paintjob is a great place to start!

He gets our approval with a nicely-placed Cars For Hope sticker on the rear window.

Nico’s NSX remains aesthetically unchanged, though it still manages to bring a wow factor to events.

This Volkswagen Beetle brought a new and refreshing vibe to All Stars and it’s attention to detail was well welcomed by enthusiasts of all ages.

Never have we laid eyes upon a more well-presented Bug, with all the features that make it a 60s classic. Flawless inside and out!

KE30 owner Krysti drove down from Terrigal for ‘Spring Picnic’ complete with nostalgic fashion.

The Tith Brothers were working their video magic throughout the day and fully embraced the picnic atmosphere, bringing the family along with their EF9 Civic. This was definitely one of our favourites of the day with it’s 15″ wheels combining JDM and USDM very successfully. Stay tuned for their video coverage of ‘Spring Picnic’!

Cars For Hope regulars will recognise this angry NA MX-5 from our coverage of Showcased, though with newly Plastidip’d wheels and roll bar in true USDM style.

It was an all-Evo affair at some parts of the park!

On the other hand, a handful of Euros came out to enjoy the Saturday sunshine as well.

OEM styling has never looked so good as on this BMW 135i.

With over 600 cars in attendance throughout the day, it was great to enjoy a sunny Spring afternoon surrounded by friends and good vibes. We can’t wait for the next one All Stars!

Matthew is the Company Secretary at Cars For Hope, taking care of things behind the scenes as well as writing, editing or photographing much of what appears on the website. He's an aspiring Mechanical Engineer, and is an avid photographer, cyclist and motorsports-watcher in his spare time. Check out Matthew's thoughts and adventures on his website.

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