INSIGHT: What I’ve been through is what makes me

Aleks is a recent IT graduate from Queensland University of Technology who is now testing the waters in the industry. Throughout his journey in finding the strongest version of himself he has managed to find satisfaction in an array of hobbies from programming to experimenting with music. Although his car modifying and racing prowess has…

A dear old fellow I met at the airport

Chris, 50 years old, is a frequent flyer and on her many trips interstate and abroad comes across various people from every corner of the globe, all with their own unique backgrounds, experiences and stories. This is one encounter with a dear old fellow Chris met at the airport: On an interstate trip and with…






Tracey, Age 25

Story Submission by Tracey, Age 25 I’ve suffered depression since I was 15. From my diagnosis until I was 18 years old, I did everything I possibly could to ease my emotional pain. I found that causing physical pain to myself gave me a release, albeit only very little. I fell in love when I…

Mark, Age 23

Story Submission by Mark, Age 23 I never thought it would happen to me; the world we live in makes us think that depression and anxiety are terrible things, but you never really stop to think about how often it happens or how serious it really is. On the surface I was friendly and outgoing,…

Wayne, Age 52

Story Submission by Wayne, Age 52 The thing that saddens me about doing this is reading through the previous submissions and seeing the age of the people; all under 30 years old. But the best thing about reading them is that they’re still here to write about it. I’m Wayne, I’m 52 years old and…