For the past 10 years across Australia, passionate automotive enthusiasts have come together each month at End Of Month Meets to share their passion. It’s a passion that brings us together: different cars and different people from all kinds of different backgrounds. However for February’s EOMM at Sydney Dragway, things were a little different. We…

Here’s Why Australian Car Culture Is Probably The Best In The World Right Now

It was pretty cool to wake up this morning and read an article from Car Throttle based on #THEORANGEEFFECT EOMM for Self Injury Awareness Day. It’s titled: “Here’s Why Australian Car Culture Is Probably The Best In The World Right Now” These few lines really resonated with us and if you were there on the…

Hope Changes Everything: The Story of Cars For Hope

Cars For Hope began as a way to tell the story of our friend, Annabel. It was our way to remind her that she matters and we love her. She was growing up and starting to figure out how our world works, how our world thinks, and what our world thinks is important. For a…




Self Injury Awareness Day - Cars For Hope


Anonymous, Age 24

Story Submission by Anonymous, Age 24 I have always loved cars, but I didn’t appreciate the freedom of losing myself in driving until I got my license at 18. My dad bought me a little hatch and I have to admit I flogged it until I finally replaced it after 6 years and 200-something-thousand kilometres…

Ross, Age 19

Story Submission by Ross, Age 19 In early 2012 I went to Brisbane to stay with my brother for a month, as something of a holiday over the Christmas period. A few days before we left home, I had started noticing bouts of shortness of breath and an impending feeling, but I couldn’t quite explain…

Anonymous, Age 27

Story Submission by Anonymous, Age 27 There are so many blogs and stories out there of people suffering through depression and suicidal thoughts. So many stories I’ve read and terrified myself with how much I can relate to, scrolled through comments and thought to myself, “Okay – so I’m not the only one.” But where…



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