TED TALK: No Health Without Mental Health

Denny Morrison challenges three commonly held but irrational beliefs about behavioral health care: First, that having a mental illness or addiction is a stigma. “To compare ‘having a bad day’ to major depression,” he says, “is a bit like comparing a paper cut to an amputation.” Second, that the body and mind are two different…

TED TALK: The bridge between suicide and life

For many years Sergeant Kevin Briggs had a dark, unusual, at times strangely rewarding job: He patrolled the southern end of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, a popular site for suicide attempts. In a sobering, deeply personal talk Briggs shares stories from those he’s spoken — and listened — to standing on the edge of…

INSIGHT: What I’ve been through is what makes me

Aleks is a recent IT graduate from Queensland University of Technology who is now testing the waters in the industry. Throughout his journey in finding the strongest version of himself he has managed to find satisfaction in an array of hobbies from programming to experimenting with music. Although his car modifying and racing prowess has…




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Kimmie, Age 18

Story Submission by Kimmie, Age 18 I used to wake up every morning and wonder if there was any point in getting out of bed and starting the day I had ahead of me. I avoided social situations and had self-image issues. I was scared of everything and didn’t want to live my life anymore….

Tracey, Age 25

Story Submission by Tracey, Age 25 I’ve suffered depression since I was 15. From my diagnosis until I was 18 years old, I did everything I possibly could to ease my emotional pain. I found that causing physical pain to myself gave me a release, albeit only very little. I fell in love when I…

Mark, Age 23

Story Submission by Mark, Age 23 I never thought it would happen to me; the world we live in makes us think that depression and anxiety are terrible things, but you never really stop to think about how often it happens or how serious it really is. On the surface I was friendly and outgoing,…



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