#IAMDRIVEN – World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

3046 people taken by suicide is 3046 too many.

That’s how many people were taken by suicide in Australia in 2018, and it has to change.

Back in 2013, we created the #IAMDRIVEN World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10) Campaign because we didn’t like the statistics we saw. We want to bring attention to the importance of suicide prevention and challenge the stigma surrounding suicide. This mantra rings true now as it did back then.

This September we need your help, we want to see those numbers change. We believe it’s possible. We believe it starts with inviting you to consider the things worth living for. What’s your list? What are your reasons to stay alive? We want you to answer the question: What drives you?

Together we can help people see that there are so many good reasons why you should stay.

How you can help

The goal of #IAMDRIVEN is to educate people about suicide, incite conversations about suicide prevention, and raise funds for mental health research and recovery.

Submit and share your #IAMDRIVEN entry

To cast this year’s campaign across Australia and beyond, we’re encouraging you to do your part and make your voice heard. Download and complete your own #IAMDRIVEN entry by telling us what car you drive and what drives you. Then, take a photo of your completed response and post it to social media using the #IAMDRIVEN hashtag in your post. Don’t forget to also tag @carsforhope on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so we can see it, like it, and repost it!

Download card View #IAMDRIVEN entries

Purchase an #IAMDRIVEN sticker

Wearing an #IAMDRIVEN sticker is how you can raise awareness and make an impact on the lives of people affected by suicide. Show people that you care about every person affected by suicide. Wear one on your car and join the conversation about suicide prevention and spread the word that it’s OK to talk about mental health. Included with every sticker is an info card that you can use to help spark conversations.

Buy stickers

Donate towards suicide prevention

What you do for others is as important as what you do for yourself. Your donation to the Cars For Hope movement today helps support the people who need it and deserve it.


This life may bring you more pain than you know what to do with. Sometimes it might include carrying the pain of others. No matter what it looks like, use your voice. Speak up and out. Do you need help? Is there someone who needs your help? Whether it’s a push to get out of bed today, an encouragement to say no to those voices, or enough drive to reach out to someone. We hope you will fight, for them and for yourself.