Sean, Age 17

Story Submission by Sean, Age 17

I have a friend who I’ve known now for 5 years. We are both the same age, seventeen. She had been my best friend ever since we met. But about a year ago I found out she had been diagnosed with a type of depression called Dysthymia. When I found out I was shocked. She never made it obvious. It was then that I had to help her. I had to do something about it. I felt bad because I had been best friends with her for all this time and not once had she ever told me. One night I was texting her and she told me she was depressed and she relapsed. I fed her with words of encouragement and positivity. There isn’t much I can do considering I am only a teenager bounded by my parents. She kindly thanked me the following day. About a week later we went out to see a movie and as we left the theater I dropped her off at her house. As we arrived at her house, I told her how I felt about her self infliction. Many of my tears later she told me that no one had ever told her how they felt and no one cared. I was happy to be there for her and I was happy to let her know how much I cared. Throughout a couple months our relationship grew and we got into a relationship with each other. I remember one particular night she wanted to end it all. I called her immediately and talked her out of it. I helped her regain her strength and look into the future. With positive words and my unbelievable sense of compassion, she didn’t end her life. I am more than happy to say that today she is healthy and healing. Although she is still struggling through depression, she has grown stronger as a person. Today, we enjoy doing a lot of things. We both are car enthusiasts and enjoy going to car meets and working on our cars. I continue to help and be there for her today and forever. She is my best friend. My Girlfriend. Whatever may happen between us in the future, I will always be there for her. And I will never forget how much she means to me.
Sean, USA


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