Kevin, Age 23

Story Submission by Kevin, Age 23

A few months ago, Berty from CFH told me about a series of stories he wanted to put together to raise awareness about depression and to give people a medium where they could voice their experiences. I spent the next few months thinking about what I should write because it was difficult trying to think of what to say, having never been in a state of depression myself.

However, what I have discovered is that CFH has made me understand in part, what depression is like. And I only recently discovered how valuable this in itself was, when a relative of mine (whom I initially assumed was just a very quiet and introverted person in general) almost ventured down the wrong path. While he did return safely, it made me think about how I could best help him, how I could possibly empathise and what actions I could take to try and steer him in the right direction.

Whilst I haven’t quite gotten there in terms of figuring out exactly what to do, I know that if it weren’t for CFH, I would have no idea about how to approach this situation. I will keep talking to people to learn and I hope everyone out there realises, that regardless of whether you’ve been through depression or not, you can always help someone who has.


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