Anonymous, Age 20

Story Submission by Anonymous, Age 20

My depression was not as serious as others but it did create a slight dark dent in my life.

Right now I’m a happy person but a few years back I felt like I was lonely and no one cared about me.

I had no reason to feel that way. I had no idea why I felt that way. I had family, I had friends. No one was mean to me nor did I get abused. But I always felt ‘depressed’. I always felt so low and down and unworthy. I had no idea why. But I just did. I would cry almost every day for no reason. I would always think of committing suicide and ways on how to do it. I would feel sorry for myself even if nothing happened to me to cause how I felt.

It was pathetic. I would do some bodily harm to myself as well.

Even if I came across a few bumps on the road, I would get very emotional even if it wasn’t that serious. I get affected real easily. I would always stay quiet at school. I would always look so depressed and so everyone just assumed I’m just a very intimidating and unapproachable person.

But how did I overcome it?
I know yeh it sounds so cheesy but once you let that shed of light in. That light can turn into a miracle. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith. Give help a chance. Your life is worth as much as anyone else’s life. The person that helped me loved me so unconditionally that if I did something to myself they would do it 2x fold. It opened my heart and my mind and made me realised I can move on and be happy.

I do think about suicide once in a while but not as much.

There are so many ways to overcome depression. Even venting it out here on CFH. I’m glad that everyone here is working on a campaign that can help others and have fun at the same time.

Thanks guys : )

You have my full support!


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